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An Exciting Change to Our Large Animal Emergency Afterhours

We are excited to announce Starting this March we will be working together with the great team at 'The Farm Vets' to improve the emergency after-hours farm work cover for both our clinics. This means that sometimes when you call our emergency after-hours you may get connected through to the friendly and experienced team from 'The Farm Vets' who will tend to your emergency after-hours call.
All invoices will still come as they currently do from us and any information and records related to a call-out remain within our clinic. Just the call-out may at times be attended by one of The Farm Vets Vet’s and we will be doing the same for their clinic. The aim of this is to improve the working situation and sustainability of both our clinics.

‘The Farm Vets’ that may attend some emergency afterhours call outs:

New Additions to Our GVS Large Animal Team Over The Last Year:

MEGAN CLEMANCE (part-time)

Mixed Practice Vet
Megan is a very experienced passionate production animal vet who also enjoys doing some companion animal work. And has spent many years working on farms in the Waikato area.



Mixed Practice Vet
Ashely is a very experienced and passionate production animal vet who we are lucky enough to be able to get in from time to time to cover for us. One of her many skills is pregnancy scanning something she is very good at. Ashley graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College (Canada). She has worked in New Zealand as a pet and farm animal veterinarian since moving here in 2010. Ashley has a strong interest in animal welfare. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys her farm and her retired Heading dog, Nell.



Large Animal Vet  (NEW)

Coming in May. More info to come...


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