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Hamilton Zoo
We are excited that we get to work with the North Island's largest Zoo!

Home to over 600 native and exotic animals and set amidst 25ha of lush and tranquil surroundings, Hamilton Zoo is the ideal destination for a memorable day out.

Boasting the largest walk-through aviary in New Zealand dedicated to native birds and plants, take a stroll through and a cheeky kaka may land close by. An experience not to be missed, go behind the scenes on a Face2Face encounter, or catch a 'Meet the Keeper' talk highlighting the characters and personalities of our animals, their feeding and enrichment.

Besides being a tourism and recreation park, Hamilton Zoo is committed to the conservation of animals and the environment by participating in various conservation and research projects, and by contributing to breeding programmes for endangered species

DC Rescue Dogs
We love working with very friendly team of volunteers and their furry companions at DC Rescue Dogs and we think they are a very worthy cause to support. 
If you are looking for a new dog or would like to support abandoned puppies and dogs please check out DC Rescue Dogs and the amazing work they do and the heart-breaking situations they are able to save dogs from.

Waikato District Council Animal Control Team
As well as having a web site full of useful information such as great ideas for where you can walk your dogs, and how to do registrations. The WDC Animal Control Team also work to help to improve the lives of animals in our community and run an adoption service that is well worth checking out if you are thinking of getting a pet. They also run the famous dirty dog day, their is a great video on their web site.

Hamilton City Council (HCC) Animal Education and Control 

We work closely with HCC Animal Education and Control This is an organisation that dose a lot more in our communities than you may be aware of. From Improving out comes for animals, running  education programs for the community and animal owners, to things like processing registrations. Two of our favorite service are lost and found dogs and adoption. Check what they do here.

We're proud to be the Hamilton Zoo Vets!

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